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Concept of the fixed and floating percentage a rate on the credit

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the fixed and floating percentage a rate
of Many borrowers in case of design of the credit in bank the question of the banking specialist of under what credit rate he wants to issue the credit confuses: under floating or under the fixed? Without knowing about features of different types of interest rates, it is extremely difficult to give the correct answer. Therefore before making out the credit, it is worth understanding the matter more in detail.


 the Fixed interest rate to   

National economy and also world economy is subject to  various economic percussion which first of all crisis is among. Sooner or later economic collapse happens, and it rather strongly jars all economic system of the world. The similar shake-up directly influences the economic relations which arise between subjects. Especially in restless time of an economic crisis participants of credit relations, and more borrowers, than creditors are vulnerable.

somehow to minimize possible risks of losses from borrowers, is used the fixed interest rate. At this rate the credit under concrete percent is issued to the borrower. It is invariable and is directly established in the contract. The bank unilaterally cannot change it at all. This diagram is most profitable to borrowers as the account question is predictable that allows to control the budget.

The fixed interest rate

 to  the Floating interest rate  

This interest rate differs in
from fixed by the fact that its size can change between indexes "from" and "to". In other words, there is no guarantee that initially specified rate under which the payment schedule was calculated will remain throughout all credit period. It is quite possible that in case of approach of any given circumstances which, by the way, also shall be stipulated in the loan agreement the bank will be able to increase it unilaterally. Therefore, it will inevitably lead to the fact that <"https://financentr.com/56-kak-umenshit-razmer-ezhemesjachnogo-platezha-po-kreditu-.html "> the size of monthly loan payment will be increased by a href=, i.e. the credit will become more expensive.

Is natural, such interest rate not in favor of the borrower. And banks completely not to lose the clients, introduced the above-mentioned restriction in a measure type "from" and "to". It though to some extent guarantees to the borrower not increase in the size of an interest rate above of the limit stated in the contract.

In case of design of the credit many borrowers recognize what on the credit should be paid on the lowest limit. Actually similar approach can be dangerous. It is the best of all to make predesign being repelled from upper limit. Then increase in a rate throughout crediting will definitely not become a surprise.

A floating interest rate on the credit

 to  Pluses and minuses floating rates in Russia    to

to the Borrower to define what type of an interest rate will be more profitable, it is necessary to select priorities beforehand.

If in a priority is put stability which expresses in taking of one credit and payment every month of a certain amount as a monthly contribution, then in that case it is necessary to make a choice in favor of the fixed interest rate as this type of an interest rate guarantees the maximum reliability and security.

 the Floating rate has the priorities. As a rule, in case of design of a floating rate loan the charge of percent will take place on the lowest limit which, by the way, in most cases is much less, than to compare to the fixed rate. In other words, at the beginning the borrower will save considerably. However probability is high that further the interest rate will rise above, and may be so that it is necessary to pay on upper limit. It is possible to bypass similar, having resorted to refinancing of the credit. However initially it is worth marking that this method does not differ in reliability, and it is worth resorting to it to those who have certain knowledge in the sphere of crediting.
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