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As it is correct to take the credit from the individual on receipt - Minuses and pluses

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As is correct to take the credit from the individual on receipt
in case of origin of problems with receiving bank loans the potential borrower has the right to use several alternative options for crediting. It is possible to address acquaintances, in micropayroll company or a pawnshop. The listed methods of loan of money are connected to notable increase in an overpayment and origin of companion problems, including risk of loss of the property loan mortgaged for receiving.

If the person who met financial difficulties has no access to banking credit products or is afraid of design of quick loans, receiving money on receipt at the individual can become an optimal variant for crediting. This form of debt financing is capable to bring advantage in case of careful coordination of all terms of the contract with their subsequent execution of the transaction by the parties.


  How to take a cash loan from the individual?  

Design of the credit on receipt is considered extremely dangerous action first of all for the investor and also for natural person. Banking institutions and IFI worked out multicomponent system of assessment of solvency of clients. If potential the borrower does not conform to requirements of these organizations, the arrived application is rejected. With private creditors all it is much more difficult. They can execute scoring for the purpose of obtaining data concerning a status of credit history and level of solvency of future client too. However transactions usually are based on trusting relationships between the creditors and borrowers guaranteeing return of a debt.

  Who issues Private loans:  

• Natural persons.

• Private investors.

• Different enterprises.

• Services of P2P-crediting.

• Individual entrepreneurs.

One of the popular directions of private crediting is financing of employees. The companies aimed at holding of the created staff of workers offer profitable loans for financing of expensive purchases. For example, employers often give funds for improving of living conditions. For cancellation of a loan automatic assignments of a certain part of the salary, as a rule, are used, and the acquired real estate is insured and acts as pledge. As a result all parties receive advantage from cooperation.


  of the Benefit of private crediting  

Undoubted plus of crediting at the individual is individual approach to the transaction inference. Unlike banking organizations, IFC and pawnshops which try to unify parameters of loans the private creditors stake on personal operation with each of borrowers. It is possible to discuss all issues connected to the subsequent cooperation, getting rid of possible problems in the course of cancellation of a loan.

  of the Benefit of the credits from natural persons:  

1. A possibility of design of a loan after receiving a failure in bank lending.

2. Rates are lower, than interest payments on  to quick loans from IFI .

3. Readiness of creditors to make concessions in respect of a collection of a document package.

4. Rather fast reviewing of the application and expeditious decision-making without paperwork. it are provided by
of Means to div after coordination of terms of transaction. Money can be encashed in case of a meeting with the creditor or by means of wire transfer on a card and the e-wallet. The method of cancellation of a loan of the party is discussed at a stage of signing of the contract. Usually the creditor specifies an account number on which the client is obliged to make the regular payments. Nevertheless also the option with transmission of cash from hand to hand is allowed.


  Shortcomings of private crediting  

At private credits are essential minus which essence consists in the increased risk for all participants of the transaction. For the purpose of compensating of possible losses the creditors raise rates. If obligations are fixed by compilation of the receipt, the parties should agree about the meeting place. It means that design of the transaction has a territorial binding, and process of crediting can be dragged out for 3-5 days.

  Shortcomings of private credits:  

1. The uprated interest rates.

2. Risk of not resetting of a loan.

3. Involvement of the collection agencies.

4. Risk of loss of pledged property.

Thus before starting the inference of transactions with private investors, it is recommended to evaluate benefits and shortcomings of the selected lending procedure. As it is about risk of not resetting of a debt, some creditors insist on a collateral security of the transaction in the form of pledge. This version of the contract is dangerous first of all to the borrower as in case of violation of terms of transaction it is possible to lose property.

Pluses and minuses of the credits from natural persons

  How to select the private creditor?  

is recommended to Look for private creditors via the specialized websites. Recently the P2P-creditovaniya exchanges allowing to make out equivalent loans in the remote mode are in demand. Earlier creditors and borrowers used bulletin boards. The virtual platforms have an indisputable advantage as on pages of these websites it is possible to leave comments about participants of transactions. By means of the analysis of data retrieveds the online services for private crediting form also the ratings of reliability of investors and clients.

  of the Requirement to natural person and further to the creditor:  

• Optimal conditions of the transaction.

• High rating of trust.

• The positive reviews.
Should consider
that private creditors are not official financial institutions therefore their operation is not regulated by the legislation connected to banking activity and functioning of IFI. As a result careless borrowers can become the victims of swindlers. It is not recommended to conclude bargains with investors about which it is impossible to find reliable information, in particular the positive reviews.

the individual Providing money on credit, as a rule, carries out a preliminary inspection of solvency to clients. However it is about the simplified scoring mechanisms. If the creditor attracted to cooperation asks to transfer a certain amount on number of card or the mobile phone, most likely, the borrower was not lucky to come across the speculator with whom it is necessary to tear off contacts immediately. In case of an involvement in the fraudulent diagram it is necessary to contact police.

   of the Rule of private crediting   

Having selected the investor for the subsequent inference of the transaction, the borrower needs to initiate process of discussion of different questions connected to the arrangement. The parties approve transaction parameters remotely online or by phone, but for signing of the contract it is necessary to organize a personal meeting at the notary.

  the Algorithm of receiving cash loans from individuals:  

1. A choice of the person for receiving a loan.

2. Oral coordination of terms of transaction.

3. Check of solvency of the creditor (to look at responses in the Internet).

4. Compilation of the contract.

5. Search of the notary for the approval of the receipt.

6. Visit of notary office.

7. Obtaining the receipt on hands.

8. To receive money from the individual.

of the Party are undertaken by obligations only after signing of the contract. In a case with quotients to loans it is about obtaining the receipt approved by the notary. Can offer notary office for cooperation both the borrower, and the investor. The candidate of the specialist to whom the approval of the transaction will be entrusted is selected only in the consent of the parties.

How to select the private creditor

  of the Recommendation for the borrower when receiving money on credit from natural person:  

 • Execution of financial calculations. In a case with private crediting the terms of transaction are negotiated by the parties individually therefore the borrower should execute calculations of monthly payments.

• Attentive study of terms of the contract. It is necessary to consider the size of a loan, condition of charge of penalties, interest rates, commission payments and duration of action of the transaction. It is recommended to attract in the analysis of the contract of the qualified lawyer before signing any documents.

• Personification of the parties of the transaction. During compilation of the receipt it is necessary to specify personal data of the borrower and creditor. Natural persons transfer the passport data, and the enterprises are obliged to provide relevant attributes. Some inverters also insist on providing the passport by the client of the copy. In turn the borrower has the right to make the identical demand to the creditor.

 • Exchange of a contact information. The parties are obliged to provide operating phone numbers and the addresses e-mail. In case of origin of problems with the credit the borrowers and creditors shall quit immediately on contact.

the Notary vises the receipt in the presence of the parties of the transaction. The document works until execution by the borrower of the received financial liabilities. After complete loan repayment the investor has no right to impose any requirements in relation to the client.

in case of origin of overdue payments the creditor initiates the procedure of recovery by enforcement. The receipt is used as legal reasons for attraction the borrower to responsibility through court. The client can also terminate the transaction or nullify it if a fact in evidence of deliberate accretion of arrangements by the creditor.


  of Feature of crediting at natural persons  

Distinctive feature of private crediting is signing of the receipt by the parties instead of the standard loan agreement. The funding mechanism at the same time a little in what differs from receiving the credits through IFI or banks. It is necessary to mark also availability at a price of services of the notary. The cost of the receipt depends on a tariff policy of the expert who undertakes operation according to the document. Usually the parties pay notarial services equally, but it is possible to agree about any other distribution of payments as it will not affect service quality.
Should be marked that in the course of judicial proceedings as an evidential basis it is allowed to use the receipts which are not certified notarially. It is possible to order from the notary also sighting of related documents.

as a result private crediting really is a perspective method of financing, but the receipt is not capable to eliminate threat of not resetting by the client of the borrowed money. Application of web platforms for search of investors and borrowers noticeably simplifies the procedure of the inference of transactions, but preserving of risk of overdue payments forces the creditor to be insured by deliberate increase in an interest rate. Besides individuals often insist on granting loans only on the security of property.
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