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As well as what is necessary for opening of drugstore from scratch - the instruction on the business plan

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As well as that is necessary for opening of drugstore from scratch

Some of people, dream to have the small profitable business, think of opening of drugstore. Among the operating staff of drugstores, many want to try own pharmaceutical business. Stops both those, and others from a decisive step to their lives - fear, uncertainty in own forces and other negative emotions which they experience. So, we will try to count necessary minimum attachments, possible profit, profitability from the beginning of own small pharmaceutical business bringing stable income to the owner.


  1.   How to open the drugstore from scratch and the minimum attachments?  

  1.1.  by  studied pharmaceutical business from within: subtleties, risks and not the obvious parties  

So, the types of drugstores which are the quickly paid most back, bringing the positive result from financial activities are points selling necessary drugs. Let's dwell upon what is represented by pharmaceutical points and also what types of the pharmaceutical organizations in principle exist in our country for today. All pharmaceutical organizations can be broken on nature of work into several types:

• the drugstores making prescription medicines;

• the drugstores which are not selling prescription medicines and selling exclusively ready medicine.
the Pharmaceutical organizations according to their licenses divide

 into the following types :

• drugstores,

• points,

• booths,

• shops.

In pharmaceutical point the room, and in drugstore – two shall be available. In the booth it is impossible to sell the medicines made in the same place. Though the proceeds from their sale are the main part in the profit of the pharmaceutical organizations. The choice of the successful location of pharmaceutical point on a half determines the speed of payback of the financial resources enclosed in business. Usually the payback period of drugstore makes about two years.

 1.2.  Necessary conditions for opening of drugstore and pharmaceutical point?   needs to decide by

For opening of a pharmaceutical point on the legal form of the person right at the beginning: business owner or limited liability company or joint-stock company. If the pharmaceutical sales outlet is opened by the businessman, that is a row minimum conditions for it:

• at the businessman for opening shall specialized pharmaceutical education is had;

• the businessman as the individual can open one point on the name;

• the businessman answers for obligations the enterprise.
Presently generally drugstores open
by creation of limited liability company. In this case there is one indisputable plus. Business it is always possible to sell, replace quickly founders, having saved all current licenses.

After determination of the legal form of business, it is necessary to decide on its location on terrains and in the house. The law creating hindrances to the people wishing to open a pharmaceutical point and defining mandatory requirements to location and their number works for drugstores.

The form of business for opening of drugstore

  1.3.   What helps are required to start operation of pharmaceutical point?  

It is enumerable the documentary helps required for opening of drugstore proceeding from the provision on licensing of these activities:

• Help from the sanitary epidemiological station.
to receive the positive the inference of SES needs to be provided to
 in this organization: 

• Request.

• Certifying document.

• INN.

• Help about registration as limited liability company or the businessman.

• Help from the register.

• Contract of tenancy.

• Contracts of rendering specialized services in export of MSW, location cleaning, medical examination of employees.

• Medical books of all workers.

• PPK.

• The sanitary passport of the beginning of operation of pharmaceutical point and permission on dislocation of an object with compliance of the room to a type of expected operation.

 the Minimum list of helps when receiving permission from public service on fire supervision: 

• Documents of title.

• The papers confirming existence of the serviceable fire protection system, a signaling.

• The rules of fire safety at the enterprise with signatures of responsible persons.

• License.

In the law on licensing of certain types of activity and in the document on licensing of pharmaceutical business stated rules of obtaining the license.

help SES for opening of pharmaceutical point

  2.       the Relevant estimated plan to start operation of drugstore for 2019  

Pharmaceutical business - not really labor-consuming business in our country. In case of competent approach of people it is quite capable to cope we Will pass to the business plan of drugstore in which we will carefully study how profitable and successfully to begin own business.

the Plan consists of three fundamental points: common, main and financial part. Not to lose, it is required to study that it is necessary for opening of drugstore, to explicitly consider each of three chapters of the plan.


  2.1.   of the Abstract of the project and its concept  

we Will consider opening of pharmaceutical point at center of the small regional city numbering 300 thousand people.


  2.3.   the Description of the branch of pharmaceutical business in Russia for 2019  

Purchasing power of the population of our country such is that the family with middle-income is able to afford to acquire for itself pharmaceutical goods medicines. People in drugstore spend money as much how many and in shops of food products. In case of a choice of the location of the enterprise it should be taken into account the following factors: closeness of traffic intersections, apartment houses, trade centers.

in our country is a lot of Today sentences on acquisition of ready pharmaceutical business. The average cost of ready business is about 3 million rubles. The simplest drugstore it is possible to acquire within 1 million rubles, the most expensive network of drugstores about 60 million rubles. If you foreknow goods turnover of operating enterprise, business purchase costs, then you can really make detailed calculations on earning profit from acquisition of ready business. If the drugstore medium-sized, but revenue-producing, then it means that having correctly organized the current operation of drugstore, it is possible to increase goods turnover. to Buy

ready business that it satisfied all requests of the buyer very difficult therefore it is better to open the business.


  2.3.  the Production business plan of pharmaceutical point 

the Body contains :

• data on documents,

• data on lease or location purchases, choice place of dislocation of pharmaceutical point,

• data about prospective clients,

• selection of the pharmaceutical equipment,

• choice of employees,

• possibility of support of clients with discounts and privileges,

• marketing strategy,

• the list of services for clients.

So, we will describe briefly the production plan on opening of drugstore:

• to find location;

• to agree this location with Rospotrebnadzor, the State Fire Safety Service.

the business plan on opening of drugstore

  2.3.1.   we Select the drugstore location  

the Profitable location of pharmaceutical point takes the central place in success of its activities. It is necessary to decide on a location carefully and slowly. As a rule, people visit the drugstores which are close to the house or come into the next pharmaceutical point if necessary to buy drugs. A traffic - the main criterion for a successful trading activity in drugstore. It defines the main set of medicines.

We will describe opening of pharmaceutical point in the dormitory area the house-keeper of a class. In point all main products shall be provided. And still it is required to develop the program of granting bonuses for regular customers.

For opening of points is better to rent location, it is unprofitable to acquire buildings for such business. The lease agreement needs to be signed for the most long period.

When is better to open pharmaceutical point: in the summer or in the winter? In the summer implementation of medicines and joint products decreases, but since the end of September prior to the beginning of May there is an increasing rate of sales of medicines because of seasonal diseases.

So, criteria in case of a location choice under pharmaceutical point a little:

• convenient location for buyers,

• possibility of long-term lease of location,

• repair existence indoors.

  2.3.2.   we Select the equipment and stock for the drugstore (to tabulate with specifying of the name and cost)  

we Will provide the minimum list of the necessary equipment for pharmaceutical point with reference to vendors, models and cost:

  Equipment list    Vendor    Amount, thousands of rubles  Refrigerating appliancesPROFESSIONAL LAB135,000Cash equipmentLLC Dreamkas30000
Online store "Trade Automation "1C: Retail 8. Drugstore60000Show-windows and racksLLC LLC Firma Design-Vektor "Verta "520,000Specialized workplace
140,000External sign

equipment for pharmaceutical point

  2.3.3.  to What  the staff is necessary for drugstore: requirements to qualification (a position, quantity of a staff, salary - to tabulate)  

we Will provide the list of the employees ensuring smooth operation of pharmaceutical point seven days a week from 9 in the morning to 21 hour in the evening:

• Chief pharmacist of drugstore or manager of point (one person). She shall have the higher or secondary profile education. If the employee has after all only a secondary education, then he shall work at least three years the druggist before holding a senior position in drugstore.

• Druggists (three persons). They shall have either the highest, or secondary profile education. Their main objective is to sell medicines. Schedule of operation: two days work, day have a rest.

• Nurse. Can not have pharmaceutical education.

staff recruitment when opening drugstore

  2.3.4.  What?   

Competently thought over choice of goods in pharmaceutical point affects increase in volume of profit, influences on efficiency of operation of own enterprise, allows to create a segment of loyal buyers, increases interest in this a retail outlet from their side. How to form and support an optimum choice of drugs in pharmaceutical point?

• Pharmaceutical point is not able to afford to experiment with the range, it is required to select the optimum range allowing to stand in the market, to continue to develop.

• The range shall include at least two thousand names of goods.

• It is necessary to track goods expiration dates, their balance permanently.

• It is necessary to think over steps of operations with the range: to define a portrait of the client in proceeding from type of drugstore, to define classification of goods, to determine the volume of minimum required inventory, to select the necessary goods items and to enter them to a range matrix.

of Preference of buyers which will come to drugstore most often and will be the pacing factor influencing the range. As a rule, the portrait of the target client almost completely depends on dislocation of outlet.

If our pharmaceutical point is in the residential quarter, then in comparison with other pharmaceutical points, in assortment the main emphasis shall be placed on the following categories of medicines:

• The seasonal diseases, diseases medicine having chronic character.

• The cheap anesthetizing medicines.

• Products for children.

people with small prosperity live In sleeping quarters of the regional city, and it defines the range of outlet:

• Presence at the range of a big share of medicines from the diseases having chronic character. It is explained by the significant amount of people of a retirement age.

• Presence at drugstore of products for children. It is explained by a large number of families with small children in sleeping quarters.

Classification of goods – a basis of the competent range of drugstore. However one of the best classifications invented for today is ATH. Except primary groups from ATH, a row of goods may contain other categories: products of medical purpose, dietary supplements, goods of children's demand; medical cosmetics, drinking waters, technique of medical purpose. Only after determination of classification, assortment structure it is possible to start creation of a matrix, the providing specifics of your drugstore.

Taking into consideration permanently the growing competition in the modern world, it is necessary to conform to the rules of merchandising. That the calculation and design of drugstore really brought a benefit to business, businessmen need to follow rather simple, but effective recommendations described below:

• Zone space.

• The interior shall cause positive emotions in case of an input in drugstore therefore special attention needs to be paid to design of the sales outlet.

• Try to buy the light equipment.

• To distribute the main departments of a point and commodity groups so that they generated the positive emotions.

• Try to make the navigation system and the system of zoning clear and convenient.

• Deliver bright navigation signs over all zones, groups of drugs in the trading floor.

• If your drugstore is often visited by the operating people acquiring OTC medicines it is worth selecting section with medicines for stress relief and a raising of mood (teas, tinctures).

• Care products can be placed differently, depending on vendors, margins and cost.

• In drugstore it is not necessary to follow strictly the rules of the calculation at the price: expensive products are higher than the level of eyes, cheap – below.

• In case of the open calculation you should not fix price tags on packing – they should be on a band of the special holder as well as in supermarket.

• In drugstores with the open calculation also you should not spread goods of one firm in one row.

• If you are allowed by the size of the trading floor, use the rule of duplicating – placement of units of the same goods nearby. If the area to your drugstore is small, this rule can be lowered.

• If in drugstore there are means bearing inscriptions on packings and boxes only in a foreign language it is required to take care of that it was clear to the buyer at what products he looks.

• The seasonal calculation it shall be visible right after an input.

the list of medicines which shall be in each drugstore and also in each pharmaceutical booth Exists.
the Rasporyazhneny Governments of 23.10.2017 N 2323-r About the approval of the list of vital and essential drugs for 2018 for opening and operation of Drugstores. to Download

the minimum range of medicines for opening to drugstore

  2.3.5.  to  the Minimum conditions for location coordination  

Needs the minimum quantity of rooms. For pharmaceutical point one room, for drugstore - two is necessary. Without fail in drugstores shall be:

• heating system,

• supply with water,

• exhaust ventilation,

• sewerage,

• fire-prevention and security signaling.
Location shall be equipped with
observation day and night.

In locations where medicines are located, shall be established instruments for air monitoring (temperature, humidity).

Exist special minimum parameters for internal arrangement of locations of drugstore. Painting of a surface of walls shall allow to do the damp cleaning every day using special chemical means because of permanent influx of the ill clients.


  3.   Marketing: we describe customers, we organize sale and advertizing for drugstore from scratch  

the Main methods involvement of buyers, increases in a flow:

 • advertizing in the virtual accounts;

• advertizing in transport;

• promotions.

In development of a campaign of promotion of own business it is important to div to pick up the memorable image. It is important that prospective clients were it is bound to your drugstore, a situation, a manner of service, goods delivery, but not to layout of specific pharmaceutical point. The image helps to cause trust in the client, to develop in is mute loyalty to drugstore.

will be offered All new clients in drugstore a bonus card. It will allow to retain regular customers.

When opening is required to place in the trading floor the medicines which are actively moving ahead the distributor or the vendor and having at the moment a powerful campaign of promotion. It is required to make the open calculation of the goods released without prescription.

advertizing for promotion of pharmaceutical business

  4.   the Financial plan for opening of drugstore of zero  

needs to paint with
In a financial part costs and receiving expected revenue.


  4.1.  to  How many money needs to open the pharmaceutical point?  

(calculation of start expenditures and monthly costs - in separate tables).

Creation of small drugstore will manage on average from 2.5 to 3.5 million rubles, and can pay off in the first three years of operation. we Will paint with

one-off costs:

 List of expenditures  Amount, thousands of rubles Repair indoors300,000Equipment procurement for the trading floor340,000Purchase of fridges and cameras135,000Equipment procurement for cash register120,000Purchase of show-windows and racks180,000Specialized workplace140,400Design of the license90,000 TOTAL:  1,305,400 we Will paint with
 monthly costs of operability of drugstore: 

 List of costs  Amount, thousands of rubles Lease of the trading floor50,000Protection5,000Advertising5,000Compensation of hired workers (manager of point, three druggists and nurse)45000+30000*3+15000 = 150,000 TOTAL:  210,000 
fixed and variable costs (direct costs) enter monthly costs. Permanent monthly expenditures make 2.52 million a year. Variable costs from the listed costs depend on sales volumes. The margin on goods makes about 15%. However there is a list of the vital drugs which price is regulated by the state.


  4.2.   How many profit is made by pharmaceutical business?  

the Plan of goods turnover is built by
proceeding from the average number of clients of 80 people in day in the first month with step-by-step increase in number of buyers for 10% monthly the first year and for 3% in the second year, the average check of 400 rubles. It is supposed step-by-step increases in volumes of goods turnover in the first two years of implementation of the business project. The offered plan is realistic, the project has potential potential of growth in volumes of goods turnover.

 Period, month   1    2    3    4    5    6   Average bill 400 rub Number of clients 808896106117129 Revenue 960,000 rub1,056,000 rub1,152,000 rub1,272,000 rub1,404,0001,548,000

Revenue = Average a chek*kolichestvo kliyentov*30, where 30 - the average number of days in a month.


   5.  Profitability of attachments in opening of drugstore 

 the Result for the first two years of operation is given by  below in the table. 

Indexthe First yearthe Second yearRevenue20 million, 500 thousand rub40 million rubExpenditures17,420,000 + 2,520,000 = 19,940,000 rub34,000,000 + 2,520,000 = 36,520,000 rubProfit before taxes560,000 rub3,480,000 rubTaxes, 15% according to the simplified tax system80,000 rubles520,000 rublesNet profit470,000 rub2,960,000 rub
Revenue = Average a chek*kolichestvo kliyentov*30*12,

where the number of clients with step-by-step increase in number of buyers for 10% monthly the first year and for 3% in the second year, 30 - the average number of days in a month, 12 - the number of months in a year.

Profitability of attachments in opening of drugstore and income
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