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Car loan with state support in 2018

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Acquisition of the car for own means for many citizens is an inaccessible dream. Well the state program of support of the population in case of design of an automobile loan helps out in such situations.


  What is a car loan with state support?  

the State program of car loans is a separation from the budget of monetary subsidies for financial aid to the population in case of payment of the credits for purchase of the car. The algorithm of an involvement of the state following — the borrower makes out the credit on an interest rate much below than market. Two thirds of the rate specified by bank, the state at the expense of the funds allocated by a reserve pays therefore remains to the client only one third which remained to pay.

Should note that in 2018 the state program plans to enter crediting of electric vehicles (in case of changeover of the old CU). As electric cars protect ecology, these vehicles are very preferable on roads of Russia, however at the price are available not to all yet.


  Who can participate in the program?  

needs to be prepared by

For application for a car loan with state support in advance as requirements to borrowers noticeably differ from other banking programs:

  • can appear the Borrower only the citizen of the Russian Federation;
  • the Confirmed registration in the place of permanent residence;
  • the Gradation on an age begins
  • of 21 year and comes to an end with an age of 65 years;
  • Full-time employment for 12 months in a row;
  • to Grant to
  • the rights to driving;
  • Acquisition of the car is performed by
  • the first time;
  • the Client cannot have other car loans.

Also compulsory provision banking organization is absence of negative credit history at the citizen, check is performed by department of security at the first stages of application. The list of the required documents is standard and consists of such official papers:

  1. Identification documents (passport, Insurance Number of Individual Ledger Account);
  2. the Help from the employer confirming the amount of the salary in a month;
  3. the photocopy of the service record Certified properly; The Questionnaire announcement in the form of creditor bank.
  4. If the client is married, then the soulmate provides a similar documentation package plus the marriage certficate.

  of the Condition of the avktocredit 2018  

the Current year promises

to parents who bring up three and more children a benefit in case of an involvement in the state program of car loans — the discount will make 10 percent from established by the creditor.

a car Choice shall be agreed by the client with the general requirements imposed by the state:
  1. the Price of automobile means shall not exceed 1.5 million rubles;
  2. the Loan agreement is signed by
  3. for the period, no more, than three years;
  4. of the Car surely is a pledge subject for the creditor before full implementation of conditions of the arrangement;
  5. Make of the car needs to be selected accurately according to the allowing list;
  6. the Automobile aggregates which were registered by MREO are not considered by
  7. for crediting;
  8. Initial contribution is not mandatory, however banking requirements can be other than state;
  9. the Largest weight of automobile means is established by
  10. at the level of three and a half tons;
  11. Loan granting happens only in national currency of the country.

the Very considerable expenditure for the borrower is the condition of compulsory insurance of the CU on  insurance option CMTPL  and the comprehensive insurance. Contracts should be renewed and paid annually before complete cancellation of a loan

In the table below the comparative analysis of two leading banks of the country under the terms of loan granting on the CU with a gospodderzhdka is given:

 Original   contribution  of Feature  Interest for using 
 Duration of the agreement 

early cancellation without additional fees
from 7, 92-3 years
VTB Banknoa possibility of confirmation of informal income in the form of bankfrom 10, 73 years

   the List of a car what can be taken according to the Car Loan with State Support program    

In 2018 the addition of the list of the allowed cars on the state support is expected. Now it consists of such brands of авто:

  • Chevrolet
  • Citroen
  • Daewoo
  • Ford
  • Nissan
  • Mazda
  • Mitsubishi
  • KIA
  • Peugeot
  • Opel
  • Renault
  • Skoda
  • Toyota
  • Volkswagen
  • LADA
  • Bogdan
  • UAZ
  • ЗАЗ.

to select the model allowed by the state program it is possible to address to car showroom or in advance to view information on the website of banking enterprise.

Pay attention to that fact that the cars which underwent assembly for the territories of the Russian Federation are credited.

After closing of debt to bank needs to withdraw the ban on alienation of personal estate. It is possible to make it even via the website Gosuslug, having sent electronic announcement and the documentation package confirming closing of the credit.

Safety of loan granting is guaranteed by the State which carries out mandatory accreditation of participating banks.

Thanks to financial support of the Government and Minpromtorg, output of car loans noticeably increased — for 2017 the number of happy owners grew up by 2.5 times (compared with 2016). Financing of the state considerably saves the budget of the borrower and also promotes increase in inflow of clients to banks.
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