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Benefits and shortcomings of MIR payment provider

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of "PATTERNS" is a new national payment system which development was completed in 2015. As its task serves safe, uninterrupted and comfortable money transfer between individuals. There was it not casually. Sanctions of the European Union and the United States which assumed blocking of international transfers that were performed by means of bank cards VISA were an incitement to it.

This payment service provider has the operator represented by the National Payment Card System (NPCS) which regulator the Central Bank of the Russian Federation appears.

  to Feature of a card of "PATTERNS"  

the Principle of operation is similar to VISA and Master Card. Operations on introduction and money transfer between scores are available. Besides, it is possible to pay with a card purchases, both on the Internet, and in any shops.

the Card of "PATTERNS" is provided in debit and classical option. The function an overdraft assuming a situation on funds write-off from the score of the card holder even in case money is not enough is supported. Construction of a card assumes use, both domestic, and foreign chips. By results of testing the chip on security in 2014 was recognized the safest of all existing analogs. Much attention is paid to security elements which were considered in case of design of a card:

is admissible to see Symbolics of the Russian currency only in ultra-violet light.

the Chip of gold or silver color that is defined by card type.

the Hologram changes the image depending on under what angle it is considered.

was developed the principle of contactless action of cards Not so long ago. The essence is that in case of payment of goods by a card for the insignificant amount, making of actions for introduction of the password is not required. It is enough to bring a card to the reader device and purchase will be paid.


  Benefits of a card of "PATTERNS"  

there Passed not so many time in order that the card of "PATTERNS" "outdid" the competitors certain features, but separate benefits to mark nevertheless follows: What

would not be a foreign policy situation, the persistence of access to own means is provided.

the Card is integrated to the thought-over technique allowing to protect it from copying. In it the domestic chips having the reinforced security are used.

the Card works in the countries of the abroad according to the available concluded agreements with different payment systems. However, receiving to-beydzhingovoy a card for this purpose is required.

can Monthly withdraw funds at the rate to 250 thousand rubles. The fee at the same time is not charged.

But the main benefit is that the card is linked with a complete state support. This circumstance allows to keep profitable the Russian currency and to provide attractive conditions in the course of service of a card. The card free of charge is issued and further services on favorable terms according to the program of the state support can be provided.

over time on this card a transfer of all budgetary listings will be made. It concerns the pensioners, persons receiving benefits, public servants, other categories. To a card it is possible to perform connection mobile and online bank. Necessary information will arrive to the card holder directly on phone.

 the Card  "WORLD" allows to take part in a large number of shares therefore goods and services can be acquired with use of the considerable discounts.

the System is in a status of constant development. There are all prerequisites in order that shortly began to offer users quite highly competitive product of necessary quality.


 to  Speaking about advantages, it is necessary to mark also shortcomings of a card of "PATTERNS"  

 them can be reduced to the following line items: 

does not have a cashback. It is variety of the rewards program and assumes return on a card of a part of means after purchase. Its size is defined by charge of percent on balance on a card. Absence of such opportunity is not welcomed by many holders of cards.

the Cost of the issued cards for clients still high by the size.

If the outlet has small turnover which size does not exceed 5 million rubles, then under the law she is not obliged to accept for payment bank cards. Therefore, having come to small cafe to pay off with a card of "PATTERNS" hardly it will turn out. But veed there is an ATM. It is possible to remove cash and to make payment.

Absence of advertizing at the appropriate level causes that circumstance that clients do not show keen interest in such cards yet. Despite youth of this payment service provider, it already found rather wide network of retail accepting for payment these cards.

can Receive it in any office of banks where the similar program is implemented. Now it can be watched in 57 banking institutions.
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