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Ban on issuance of credits

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each citizen makes the Decision on design of the credit independently. With financial institution it is possible to conclude the bargain within which crediting of several clients undertaking joint liability on cancellation of a loan is executed. In this case consent needs to be received from each borrower.


  the Ban on design of the credit  

cannot Issue the credit for the third party even in the presence of the general power of attorney. Trustees are also officially forbidden to obtain loans on incapacitated and minor wards even if it is about the programs of student's crediting for education available to children in return of 14 years.

Before taking any actions directed to precluding to crediting process needs to be discussed with the relative of the reason and purpose of design of a loan personally. Crediting sometimes is the single available method of receiving money for cancellation of urgent costs. It is necessary to sound the alarm when the borrower excessively is fond of crediting. If design of the next loan threatens family with serious problems with solvency, it is necessary to look for other means for financing.

of   Potentially dangerous situations in the course of crediting:  

1. Payment by means of a loan of optional purchases and services which will not bring any advantage.

2. Use of the borrowed money for cancellation of the operating credits.

3. Receiving a loan by the person having harmful addictions.

4. Design of a secured loan with granting as proof of the real estate.
as a result under the law cannot prohibit the person to take
the credits, but the close relatives, in particular parents living on one living space, children and spouses, can officially refuse cancellation of debts on others loans. For this purpose it is necessary to prove the fact of sole use of the borrowed means by the relative who issued the credit. If money is spent for needs of family, it is necessary to repay the debt common efforts.


  the Legal incapacity of the borrower to issuance of credit  

is the Only legal way to officially prohibit issuance of credit recognition of the particular person incapacitated. Usually rapid deterioration in health, including appearance of mental diseases or restriction of mobility is the reason of involvement of trustees. It is impossible to take the new credit for the person which is recognized incapacitated. However the trustee, having an opportunity to dispose of income, can be engaged in cancellation of earlier obtained loans. Payments it is made only from those payments which arrive addressed to the borrower. The trustee does not take liability on debts of the ward.

of   of the Base for official legal incapacity by a court decision:

• Serious diseases.

• Use of narcotic substances.

• The documented mental disorder.

• Receiving first group of disability.

• Addiction to different gamblings.

• Abuse of alcoholic beverages.
during treatment of the incapacitated person in different clinics and rehabilitation centers the trustee will dispose of
of means. If with financing there are problems, the creditor can propose temporary solution of a problem by connection of the options connected to a fringe of the regular payments. However procedures of refinancing and debt restructuring, are usually unavailable for the clients who lost capacity. Legal methods to prohibit

crediting extend to any types of loans, including the express credits from microfinance institutions. Unlike banks these financial institutions execute only automated scoring assuming surface assessment of solvency of the borrower.

For receiving the credit enough passport data therefore it is worth controlling process of use of devices with Internet access by wards who are inclined to spontaneous design of loans. However even in case of receiving the credit by the incapacitated person the trustee can recognize through court the transaction void.

  the Failure from payment of others credit  

When at the close relative appears the large sum of money, in order to avoid different problems it is worth taking an interest in a source of income, especially if it is about addition of the family budget. The borrower can not attract relatives to receiving the loan, but on its cancellation means of family often leave. Experts recommend


1. It is regular to check sources of income of the close relatives.

2. To refuse signing of suspicious documents.

3. To study conditions of the credit deals concluded by spouses.

Immediately should address the creditor in case of design of the transaction in which to an involvement the person did not agree. Law enforcement agencies consider similar situations as violation of the law. Usually swindles of this type fall under articles about fraud. It is possible to address also to the local credit institutions which are engaged in output of loans to unreliable clients, having provided information on the borrower. In this case the probability of getting of the relative into the operating black list of bank is high.

Thus, exists several methods to influence process of issuance of credits to the close relatives. If the borrower has problems with health or faces addictions, it is possible to recognize incapacity of the person through court. Besides the family of the debtor can separate from payment of the credits, having refused use of the borrowed money.
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