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How to get a bank certificate about closing or absence of loan arrears

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   The relationship between the borrower and the bank begins with the signing of the agreement and ends with its full repayment of the loan. To calm the soul, you can get a certificate from the bank about the absence of debt on the loan. All data for this period are reflected in the dossier. The obligation to issue such a document is enshrined in paragraph 2 of Art. 408 of the Civil Code.
Some credit institutions believe that this article does not oblige them to draw up a certificate of credit, if this is not provided for by documents defining the internal routine. It is assumed that payment receipts are enough to confirm the repayment of the debt. A replacement is proposed - an extract from the account on the amount of debt.

What does the closing certificate look like or no debt to the bank (sample)

It can be an account statement or a separate document drawn up on a letterhead. Sometimes the standard form No. 10-040 is used. The following details must be present:
• Date and outgoing number
• full name and data from the customer's passport;
• Bank data;
• Contract number and date;
• amount and interest rate of the loan;
• Account number created for payment
• Amount of monthly payment;
• date of full repayment of the debt;
• employee signature with decryption;
• printing of the seal of the credit institution.

Attention! All items listed above are mandatory. Otherwise, the paper will not be valid.
You can complete the data by specifying the borrower's SNILS, the opening and closing date of the account.

Do I need to take a certificate about loan closures?

Such a paper is not only a guarantee of calm, but also a defense against trouble:
• entering into debtors due to several unpaid rubles, employee error, system failure, long account closing period (10-45 days);
• use of copies of documents by unscrupulous bank employees for fraudulent transactions;
• When refinancing, after transferring money, they ask for a certificate of loan closures at another bank.
• misunderstandings in real estate transactions that were used as collateral.

Most banks make a clause in the loan agreements on the possibility of taking documentary evidence of repayment of the loan.

What happens if you don't take it?

A banking institution may not send data to the BCI, provide them late, which leads to errors in credit history. In addition, in Russia, information from one organization to another is slowly or completely lost.
As a result, if necessary, the credit institution refuses to receive a loan due to the fact that the bona fide payer has a bad CI. The existence of documentary proof of repayment of the previous loan completely solves this problem.
And so, in principle, it is not needed, in 2021 such certificates are definitely no longer asked, except in cases of refinancing.

How do I get a loan repayment certificate?

The legislation does not specify how to take the certificate of repayment of the loan, at what time, the employee should issue it immediately after closing the debt or only on request. For this reason, each credit institution establishes its own procedure. Most often, the document can be taken only on request (written application). Some banks can order a statement by phone.
The deadlines are also different. For example, in Probusinessbank this paper is made up immediately, in other banks you have to wait 5-14 days. At SMP Bank, Raiffeisenbank, Alfa Bank, this is a free service. The application is written in free form or on the form of a credit institution, but in many simply by oral request or in online banking.

Cost of receiving a certificate of absence of debt under a loan agreement

In many large banks of the type, VTB, Sberbank, Gazprombank, Tinkoff, it is issued for free, and immediately.
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