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Business on clothes for dogs

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the Clothes for dogs and cats are an integral part of care products. She saves from frosts of sleek-haired dogs, and long-haired protects from dirt and slush in rainy weather. If quite recently in bright overalls representatives of decorative breeds flaunted, then already nobody will be surprised by the dressed German shepherd or a Dobermann terrier.

the Clothes for animals perform many functions. Besides that it warms an animal during a frost and helps to save wool dry and net during a rain, it also serves as protection against stings of insects. It is also necessary during the postoperative period, preventing hit of an infection in the healing wounds. Overalls with reflective elements will make your pet noticeable in night-time.


  Business - Tailoring for animals  

Ready-to-wear clothes can be acquired in pet-shops. The single shortcomings are too small range and rather high cost. More diverse selection of clothes for animals can be found on pages of e-commerce shops and the prices will be slightly cheaper here. But difficulties can arise in selection of a suitable style and the size. It is absolutely optional to pay the large amount for a ready suit for the favourite. For those who are able to sew and knit, make such clothes will not make special work. For most of needlewomen tailoring for pets can become a great idea for business.


   For implementation of the business idea will be required:   

-  existence of the sewing equipment 
1. the sewing machine - 1500 rub
2. an overlok - 12000 rub (it when you will already arrange production)

 -  Materials for tailoring 
1. fabric - from 1000 rub (depends on volume)
2. accessories - from 200 rub (depends on quantity)
Overalls are intended to

<"highslide " href= "https://financentr.com/uploads/posts/2018-08/1535566808_1350848025_444.webp" target= " _ blank "> by a class= for protection against wind, water and dirt therefore it is better to acquire waterproof material. From accessories lightnings, hooks, rivets and threads will be necessary;

-  of a pattern . It is possible to use already ready patterns which is on the Internet much, or to take from special logs about animals. It is good if there is the dog on whom it will be possible to be trained and then to show already finished products on walk.

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Being engaged in a class= in tailoring for dogs and cats, it should be taken into account that it shall be not only fashionable, but also correspond to anatomic features of breed, to be qualitative and convenient in time socks. That the pet had no allergy, the nagger or irritation, it is necessary to select only natural materials. Acquiring fabric from which it is planned to sew clothes, preference it is better to give to the strong, breathing and windproof materials. And the most important – such fabric shall withstand a large number of washings, without being deformed and without fading. The buttons which are on overalls, hooks, locks shall be well hidden not to damage to an animal.

In addition to the functionality, clothes for dogs and cats can be stylish and fashionable. Especially such clothes are used at exhibitions. Often overalls execute in the form of dresses or tuxedos. Recently there was a tendency to sew clothes for dogs in the form of heroes of movies, for example, by the spiderman or the batman. Options of suits in the form of animals or insects are also very widespread. Such suit will surely draw attention of people around, having caused delight and affection. Only provide a brittle toy terrier in a suit of the superman or a chihuahua in a tiger suit.

 Now very fashionable began to use dogs at weddings. For such cases special wedding dresses are sewed.

  Implementation of clothes for animals  

First, most likely, clients relatives and friends will become b>. It is possible to offer ready suits in pet-shops on implementation later. Having placed advertisements in newspapers and on the websites on the Internet, it is possible to increase considerably a circle of clients and to sew clothes by individual orders.

Is desirable to photograph each ready model to create a portfolio. It will help customers to orient better in the choice. If there are skills of knitting, then it is better not to be restricted only to sewing, and to create several knitted models. Over time the range can be diversified, having included also tailoring of footwear which, by the way, very scarce.

Fine advertizing of products will become exhibitions of dogs and cats. Here it is possible to show directly several models intended for different breeds. Also for advertizing clubs of fans of dogs and cats will be a great option.

Apparently, options, implementation of clothes for animals is a lot of. And if to add a little imagination, then it will be possible to create models on different cases:

- for walks. Here the clothes designed for different season enter;

-for exhibitions;

-for an output. The suits intended for concrete actions (wedding, parties, secular actions, etc.);

-for the house.

 Is various dressing gowns, pajamas, shorts. Tailoring can become good business and make considerable profit. The cost of ready overalls is at least than 1000 rub. The simplest option can be offered for 300 rub 

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