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How to open Notary office and what for this purpose is necessary?

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Own notary office – an attractive method of receiving income. It is worth marking that the notariate does not belong to business activity. Not everyone will be able to be engaged in notarial activities and success of this enterprise does not depend on the size of the original capital. How to open notary office?

 to Whom opening of notary office is authorized to ?  

the Owner of notary office not everyone can become b>. By the legislation of the Russian Federation for this purpose it is necessary to be the notary. The number of notaries is regulated by the state. Existence of the license will allow to receive a quota for opening of new notarial unit or to replace the operating notary of the district. whether

 are Known by you? It will not turn out to open a notariate only by means of the original capital. To have a source of income in a type of notary office, it is necessary to be the notary!

of   What is necessary for opening?  

can Obtain the license for implementation of notarial activities, having available the document on the higher legal education and confirmation of the passable training at the operating notary. Selection on passing of a training is carried on a competitive basis. To work at such position, accumulating experience, at least year is necessary.

After the training of future notary expects exam on qualification which is held by the commission consisting of representatives of the Ministry of Justice and Notarial Chamber. If the first attempt is failure, then the second chance will seem only in a year. After passing an examination the qualification is appropriated to the trainee and the license is granted.

 Interesting fact! The license voids when notarial activities are not performed within three years after obtaining the document.

But there is more to come. The number of notaries is restricted. For opening of own office it will be required to get permission of the Ministry of Justice and Notarial Chamber for opening of new unit or to pass the general competition on replacement of the notary in the district.

 to  in What the notary is engaged?  

  Sphere of activity of the notary – processes of the civil relations. The notary is authorized:  

• To confirm authenticity of copies, contracts and wills;
• To witness the signature on copies;
• To provide the certificate on the property right;
• To realize the executive signature;
• To superimpose and void the ban on property acquisition;
• To take legal measures for a protection of inheritance.

 the Cost of services of notary office varies from 400 to 150,000 rubles. It depends on a document type, the transaction and the amount of a civil question. The notary can personally leave to the client. In that case the cost of services increases almost twice. 

Despite an involvement in civil processes, the notariate does not belong to law enforcement agencies. Nevertheless, activities of notaries are extremely important in a legal system.

of One of forms of cooperation of notary offices with authorities can call protection of property rights and fight against legalization of the profit got in the illegal way. In last the possibilities of a notariate are a little overestimated. Certifying the transaction, the notary can not always know a method of receiving income by the client.

  Profitability and risks  

Opening of notary office – profitable business. The income of the owner directly depends on the number of transactions which are made. Profitability of a notariate is estimated on average at 105%, considering initial costs and taxes.

the Profession of the notary implies a certain responsibility. The price of an error of the notary is too big and can have the considerable reflection on the fate of the organization or the person.

 Interesting fact. By the legislation the responsibility of the notary public and a quotient differs. For private notaries of a working condition are hardened.

Krom of responsibility from the legal point of view, the notary carries as well the material. The notary who deliberately violated the law during notarial activities undertakes to pay all caused damage to the client.


 Opening of notary office: location, a staff, advertizing 

Activities of notary office belongs to the sphere of rendering services to the population therefore it is important to select location and location it is correct. It is recommended to open office close with office buildings in which firms on rendering legal services, real estate agencies or translation agency are located. The staff of the listed organizations are in great need available the notary nearby.

If is an opportunity, then the office is recommended to be acquired in property, but not to rent. Location of office shall meet standards of security and a sanitation. The office will require furniture, the safe and technique. Indoors, where visitors expect documents or the queue, sofas, a table, chairs will be necessary. It is good to be accumulated by logs, newspapers or to deliver the TV set.

is indoors necessary the bench with information, interesting to clients. For example, the schedule of operation, data of the notary, tariffs for services and exposures from the legislation is specified.

of Employees will not be required much. It is worth employing the assistant-consultant, the secretary and the technical professional. Assistants can be found free, among those who dream to become a notary.

For increase in clients is required advertizing. It will be more profitable and more expedient to place information on the Internet. It is possible to place declarations on third-party resources or to create own website.

 Interesting fact. Promotion of notary office on the Internet – the decision which is attracting clients, not requiring big costs. 

 Expenditures on opening of office 

 Opening of notary office will cost 250-300 thousand rubles. Approximate costs look as follows: 

• Tenancy – 40-50 thousand;
• Purchase of office furniture and office equipment – 65 thousand;
• The computer – 25 thousand for 1 piece;
• Office supplies – 5 thousand;
• Advertizing and information materials – 10-15 thousand;
• The salary of employees – 80-100 thousand.

Calculations are approximate. Costs of opening in many respects depend on the district in which activities will be performed. Except the expenditures which are listed above, costs of advertizing promotion of notary office will be involved.

 In case of the competent organization of notarial activities, high profit is guaranteed. An important role in success of the enterprise is played by qualification of the notary and his level of knowledge.
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