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Business is Cultivation of aquarian small fishes

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Business - Cultivation of aquarian small fishes
the Defining moment of the modern business is not so much satisfaction of the material requests, how many creation of the services and goods promoting rest, health, travelings and forming of an environmental interior. One of the directions of such interior design of office location, the apartment or the house is creation of nature corners. Especially in this row of methods of forming of an interior aquariums with small fishes are attractive.

the Aesthetics of aquarian art came thousands years ago from the East where not only in imperial palaces of Ancient China, but in houses of officials and merchants aquarian small fishes were invariable attribute. They were parted in aquariums, ponds or special fountains. This culture extended in the European countries and it is quite often possible to meet very original aquarian solutions of an interior.
In this article will be told about how to construct small business on cultivation of aquarian small fishes what it is necessary to pay special attention to and what economic parameters can describe this type of business in terms of profitability and payback.

 the Concept of business on cultivation of aquarian small fishes 

the Main concept of business is built by  on cultivation and sale of the aquarian small fishes used both for office design, and for house aquariums. All this is intended for creation of the atmosphere of the interior decision which can bring in office or to premises special feeling of harmony and a cosiness. Aquarian art is referred to one of the most demanded in design as unlike other animals to keep in the house of small fishes least of all it is problematic.

the Concept of business on cultivation of small fishes for aquariums is built on embedding of all aquarian composition in the appropriate interior. For example, goldfishes who at many business people are read by the character of success in affairs and riches, naturally, will be suitable for office.
will be suitable For a gostiny interior colourful small fishes of the exotic types capable to rivet attention of guests while the treat is preparing, the table is laid. For the home living room of a small fish will create unique aura of tranquility and regularity that most of all is suitable for vacation spots of the house after operation.


  Thus, all concept of business on small fishes can be built on two principal directions  

  First  there is a cultivation of small fishes of expensive breeds for offices, hotel interiors. These are small fishes enough large sizes which contain in big aquariums, at least on 200 - 500 liters. 

 of  Second  the direction of business is a cultivation of breeds of small fishes of the most demanded by the market and suitable for a mass aquarian interior in houses and apartments. 

In case of a choice of each of the directions of business, it is necessary to calculate approximately the market capacity by which it is necessary to be guided. If it is supposed to breed small fishes for office interiors, then will be not superfluous to study how many offices are available in the region, the city. What are cultural institutions, educational institutions where small fishes for aquariums can be demanded.
If to speak about the second direction, then will be rather difficult to determine market capacity, and the best decision will use partnership with local pet-shops through which it is possible to make partially sale of the small fishes, at the same time receiving the valuable information about what demand and for what species of small fishes exists.

  2.     What will be required for implementation?  
For the embodiment in life of this idea business, it is necessary to select the following materials, the equipment and small fishes.

1.   Location  . Ideal option for cultivation of small fishes including in house conditions, existence of separate location or the room is. It is desirable that the room was illuminated with the sun, there were no drafts, was rather silent as small fishes are very sensitive to noise. will be quite enough
of the Small room of 15-20 sq.m.

2.   Aquariums  . Cultivation of small fishes requires, at least, two aquariums. One big aquarium with a capacity of 50 liters and one small, liters on 20 for cultivation of whitebaits. The cost of aquariums different it would also be possible to use initially \at aquariums. All this will cost no more than 5000 - 10 000 rubles.

3.   The equipment   for cultivation of small fishes. Cages, air pumps, illumination, jars for a forage will be required. All this can be acquired in a set, including, and online - shop. The maximum amount for the initial stage of cultivation - no more than 10,000 rubles.

4.  The aquarium will require strong desktops or supports as the normal desktop for an aquarium is powerful with water almost in 200 - 300 kg hardly will approach .

 5.    Small fishes      . It is the most important element of business and it is necessary to approach it with all gravity. If to speak about cultivation of mass breeds of small fishes which are most of all demanded by the market then it is possible to stop on the following types:    

  Goldfish  . The most interesting and quite unpretentious aquarian small fish. For keeping of 3-4 small fishes the aquarium on 150 - 200 liters will be necessary. Cost of one small fish about 100 - 200 rubles.

Business cultivation of the Goldfish
  The guppy   - too at least widespread aquarian small fish which can be met in any aquarium. She is very prolific and for several months the issue increases by 2 - 3 times. The cost of couple of small fishes is in the region of 100 rubles.

Business cultivation of the guppy
  Skalyariya  . Very interesting small fishes having an original painting. Too is in mass demand in the market, and the cost of one small fish is in the range from 100 to 300 rubles.
Krom of these main types of small fishes, are also used such types as sword-bearers, Betta, red cockerels and others.

Business cultivation of a skalyariya
   6.  For implementation of small fishes the buyers through the Internet can create the website. It not only the sales channel but also excellent means of market research as even on number of visits of the website it is possible to estimate demand for any given small fishes approximately.  

  it is Also necessary to provide and accumulated forages, the place of its storage for what it is necessary to acquire special tanks.  

  of  3 .  The step-by-step instruction of start  
  To start business on cultivation of small fishes will be required to realize several serial stages.   by

1. If plans development of business on a long-term basis, then the best option will be to register SP and to rise on tax accounting to pay 6% of taxes on a simplified tax system.
2. is made market assessment, partner contacts with local pet-shops are come.
3. is made installation of working aquariums, the equipment is set up.
4. purchase of small fishes of the appropriate types.
5. cultivation of small fishes and leaving,
6. sale of whitebaits of small fishes by requests of clients, or according to arrangements with pet-shops.
4. Financial calculations

For assessment of cost efficiency of business on cultivation of small fishes first of all needs to estimate market capacity. If to accept as a calculation basis sale at least 500 small fishes a month at the average price of 150 rubles, then total revenue can be 45,000 rubles. Maintenance costs and service of small fishes will make about 30% of revenue. Thus, profit before taxation can be at least 30000 rubles.
should consider Here what price policy will be applied. If to sell small fishes in mass quantity to pet-shops, then revenue will be, 10-15% less.

    4.1   the Start capital  

  the Main initial attachments for start of business consist of 4 parts: 
1. a capital expenditure is aquariums, the equipment will cost 50000 - 70000 rubles.
2. purchase of small fishes for cultivation – 50000 - 80 000 rubles (depending on breed).
3. the maintenance of the website – 5000 rubles.
4. registration of SP and registration in tax - 3000 rubles.
Thus, the total amount of initial expenditures will be 108,000 - 158,000 rubles.

 of  42. The monthly expenditures
the Amount of variable maintenance costs of aquariums and cultivation of small fishes depending on breeds, can average 10 000 – 15000 rubles. Here both the forage, and cleaning of aquariums, the electric power for illumination of aquariums enters.
besides, can be the expenditures connected to delivery of small fishes to clients or to pet-shops. These are 5000 more rubles.
the Overall total value according to expenditures can make about 15000 - 20000 rubles.

 of  4.3. How many it is possible to earn 
Proceeding from the general practice, the average profit margin of business on cultivation of small fishes is about 10-20% a month, on condition of sales market extension. In numeric expression it makes about 20,000 - 40,000 rubles at the initial stage.
  4.4. Payback periods 
In case of an average norm of profitability in 20% the business payback period on cultivation of small fishes is ranging from 6 months till 1 year. Everything depends in many respects on by what market the businessman, existence of sales channels and opportunities of extension of the market in the long term is guided.

  5.   Risks and minuses cultivation of aquarian small fishes  

 In spite of the fact that business on cultivation of aquarian small fishes it is not so difficult as it will seem at first sight, nevertheless and are available for it the risks. 
It is, first of all, risks:
• incidence of small fishes. Very often in the markets the juveniles of small fishes brought from the different countries which have some diseases which can be not always defined at first sight are on sale.
• other risk is connected to the fact that demand for small fishes has seasonal nature and, as a rule, a maximum of demand for them it falls on the summer periods.
• exists competitors much in the market where the leading position is held by specialized shops which have both good technical capabilities and the network of sale including pet-shops.

 6. The total 
as the total can draw a conclusion that cultivation of small fishes for office or house aquariums quite profitable business provided that before getting small fishes, the businessman will make careful market research that then there were no problems with where to put to nobody the necessary small fishes.
 Approximate calculations: 
 of Attachment : 108,000 - 158,000 rubles
 Payback : 6 – 12 months.
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