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What represents the virtual credit?

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the Electronic space more and more takes root into our everyday life. People read electronic newspapers, shop online, make electronic payments for the provided services, get a job on the Internet, remotely study also many other things. Due to the extension of scope of the Internet, credit institutions just could not avoid similar sales market of the services. There were payment systems allowing banks and microfinance institutions to carry the activities online.

  Electronic services  

In our country several electronic payment service providers, the most known of which, are Webmoney, Qiwi and Yandex Money, exist. Each user shall be registered for a start by the payment system selected by him, then on the specified algorithm of actions to get to itself in it a so-called purse – means for transfer of electronic finance and control of them. Having registration in an electronic payment service provider and an electronic payment purse, it is possible to apply through this resource for the virtual loan. For this purpose in each payment service provider is developed the menu, having selected which, it is possible to obtain the credit.

  the Virtual loans  

the Virtual borrower, as well as normal, shall fill out the questionnaire application offered on the website of a payment system. In the questionnaire it is necessary to specify the passport data. Requirements for granting the virtual credit the following:

  • shall exceed an age of the borrower 18 years;

  • the borrower shall have a permanent registration for the territories of the Russian Federation;

  • it is necessary to have the mobile phone number;

  • it is necessary to have the virtual wallet in a payment service provider.
Borrowing facilities will be enlisted by
on a purse which, in turn, can be bound to the bank card. However, It is necessary to tell that withdrawal of money from the virtual wallet will be assessed with the commission therefore it is the best of all to use the virtual money also on the Internet. For example, to pay for goods and services. The cash output too expensive also deprives the virtual credit of financial appeal.

Krom of banks, in payment service providers work special electronic services for granting loans online, such as MoneyMan, Lime, Platiza and so on. Now they became much, they act as IFI and grant the user of EPS loans for the amount up to 25,000 rubles for up to 3 months. The loan can be issued even on the minimum period – 1 day that in a common not virtual practice, is impossible.

Charge of percent on a loan occurs daily, interest rates are various. For the first time to the addressed borrower, most likely, the loan will be granted at the maximum rate and in the minimum amount. But after successful cancellation of the first loan, a condition for the borrower will be reconsidered as his credit history will be read by the positive. it is possible to
to receive the Large credit amounts in the virtual space only when providing liquid support by the borrower in the form of property. Except simple loans, it is possible to submit the application for receiving the virtual credit card. Practically all large banks have such service now.


  it is profitable or not?  

Design of the virtual credit is the fastest method of receiving money therefore considerably saves the borrower's time. The credit decision is made instantly especially as it is about rather small amounts of crediting, and from documents only one passport without helps about proof of income is required. However rather big amount of the accrued interest will be a board for such efficiency. In certain cases it can reach very high rates – to 300% per annum.
of Delay on cancellation of the virtual borrowing facilities will also spoil credit history of the borrower as there will be recorded. Electronic money needs to use reasonably, in due time returning them. It is necessary to select when receiving the virtual credit the most profitable interest rate not to spoil the credit history in case of a non-return of means.
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