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Investment into Townhouses – big profit in short terms

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the Townhouse the low-rise residential building, as a rule, sometimes with the land plot is considered. In rare instances a townhouse call the apartment in the disabled house.
Is frequent the builder takes from the state the earth in long-term lease, builds the building and puts an object in operation to participants of construction. In that case in the certificate of ownership it is specified that a living space in the low disabled rise house.
of the Practician showed that under such object it is much simpler to receive a mortgage, than under purchase of a separate townhouse with housing. It is an important point for those investors who for investment are going to make out the credit.


  the Townhouse and its types  

Officially in Russia are not present townhouses: do not call at us housing such fashionable words, however in the West such name took root long ago. Sellers and investors skillfully use these fashionable words, doing a margin. Though upon essential differences just is not present.


1.  Duplex .

If someone watched the eponymous movie, then it will understand. Duplex – variety of a townhouse. Usually the building is built on two masters: one floor for one owner, the second – for another. Also duplex can be divided by sections.

2.  Leynkhaus .

Such "houses in the lane" for the first time appeared in London. These are low-rise buildings with the same houses rowed and locking each other from side walls. Usually the facade is executed in uniform style everywhere. Each house has the input and a garage in rare instances.

3.  Kvadrokhaus .

Can guess from the name that the building is executed in the form of a square with four separate inputs. Then that at each apartment 2 walls are disabled with 2 neighbors.

Is recommended to be put in frame townhouses. First, they cost cheaper. Secondly, builders on average spend for exponentation of such house about 8 months. The monolith will be more expensive: filling by concrete, plate foam concrete blocks/brick, etc. On the monolithic building the investor will spend more for 30-40%. Frame houses are cheaper, and communications will be anyway.

is frequent in townhouses do air heating – a boiler under a floor and grids in a floor. Climate monitoring allows to maintain indoors optimum temperature. Respectively, there are no heat sinks in housing.


  of the Investment strategy in Townhouses  

For a start should understand

that success of investment depends on a competent choice of an object. If to invest money in construction of a townhouse on the outskirts of the province, then there can be problems with further sale of an object at the beneficial price.

Plus is that such house costs not so much that availablly to a purse to many citizens, and attachments not such big, as in a multy-storey new building. If near an object schools, kindergartens, policlinics, parks, metro stations, etc. are located, then it will be great advantage for the investor.

is important to be convinced that the builder will make all operation: heating, gas, water, electricity, Internet, phone.

the Most widespread option of earnings – resale of an object. All know that at a planning stage the builder sells objects cheap and it is possible to receive  bonuses and to bargain . If, for example, the ready house stands 5,000,000 rubles, then the contribution to its construction from the investor will cost approximately 3.7-4 million rubles.

Are built townhouses quickly. Means, and the investor will lock in profits after sale of a ready object in short terms. The investor receives a ready object in property according to the contract, and then just sells it already at the market price. The difference between this price and the amount of an initial deposit will also be profit.

the Second strategy – rental housing. For example, the investor did not want to sell kvadrokhaus for 5 million rubles, and decided to lease him so far. In fact, he has 4 certain apartments with separate inputs. If to hand over them all at least for 10 thousand rubles a month, then in a year profit will be nearly half a million rubles.

Plus and that the real estate over the years can rise in price. The investor quietly leases a townhouse and waits when the square meter in the market noticeably rises in price. Already then it will be possible to sell all house at the beneficial price.

Because the frame townhouse is built quickly and cheap, some investors do without builders. They buy the land, buy material, employ builders. Exponentation from scratch – the alternative investment strategy having the pluses and minuses. Though many read that construction of the house from scratch in the financial plan is not so profitable as purchase of already ready living space.
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