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As it is easy to improve the credit history

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you came to bank in hope to obtain the large credit on good conditions, and refused to you because of old delays on the closed loans? You should not lower hands as there are many options easily and to quickly improve the credit history quite available and simple means. Let's understand this subject in more detail.


 Use of the credit card 

If happened to

by  so that you spoiled credit history, then it is possible to improve this situation one main method – to prove as the reliable payer on the credit. That is some kind of to improve to the best in the opinion of bank. The simplest option here is to receive the new credit card. If you have absolutely bad history on the credits, then it is possible to take a card at least with the most minimum limit.

Further you need to use permanently this map,  to withdraw money through Webmoney or Yandex Money ? or directly on the website to pay for goods (if supports payment directly from a card) or to remove via the ATM that on your credit account the permanent flow of funds was visible. In case of a choice of such credit card it is necessary to pay special attention to the next moments.

• Existence and duration of a grace period. So, you can borrow money for 1–2 months without any percent.

• The size of the accrued interest – the is lower than a percent on debt, the less you should give over the busy amount.

• Additional bonuses, discounts, a cashback (return of a part of means when calculating a card) and also presence of the price for service.

If in due time to give money during action of a grace period, then you should not pay off over the amount of debt at all. Even such small amounts if to give them it is accurate in the marked periods, promote improving of your credit history.


  Use of services of IFI  

Today microfinance is relevant
more than ever earlier. IFIs are the organizations that give the small amounts for a short time. Often at the same time from you will not even demand any additional documents, except the passport. Minus here one are rather big percent on a loan which can reach to more than 50% a year. And even the slightest delay on payments threatens you with extremely high penalties. So if you are not sure that you are able to pay accurately your debt, then it is better to refuse services of microfinance.

However when using the small amounts lent in IFI and, of course, their timely cancellation taking into account percent on the credit you will be able significantly to improve your credit history. And again the main thing is definition of execution of your consumer obligations as the borrower here. For example, you can take a small loan for several days and in time return it. And not ahead of schedule, to pay less, namely in the marked periods. Several such successful cancellations very positively will affect your history on the credits.


  Purchase of goods by installments  

One more very popular type of credit services is a taking of different goods by installments. This service assumes that you acquire any expensive goods – the fridge, the TV set, the car or something another. At the same time you repay a debt in parts.

Is finite, you at the same time pay slightly more than if to buy a subject necessary to you directly for all its amount, but have an opportunity to receive the necessary thing at once, gradually paying for it in the future. If you pay off in due time on a debt and in full, then these data will soon pass also into your credit history that will help to improve it significantly.


  of the Program for improving of credit history  

Today in many banks different programs which help to improve credit history are popular 

. The staff of credit institutions understands problems of the clients and meets requirements of them. After passing of such program you practically with guarantee can calculate on that the loan amount which is possible only in case of the positive history on the credits.

In each separate bank these programs wear the name like "The credit doctor". Specify existence of such program at the staff of your bank. As a rule, you will be given the small amount of credit which will need to be repaid precisely in the marked periods. After passing of these actions your credit limits automatically raise.

  Opening of a bank deposit  

Is possible 

, you did not know that one of effective options to be credible to bank opening in it the deposit account is. Of course, for this purpose you will need at least the minimum amount for opening of a deposit, but thanks to the long storage of your savings in banking structure with the regular additions you significantly improve your relations with bank.

Moreover, often happens and so that employees of the bank offer such clients service of design of a loan on especially advantageous conditions. And even if you have no special savings, then you can open a deposit for the most minimum amount for the regular savings and the free expenditure of means as required. Today you without effort will be able to open such deposit through online banking where the amount of the minimum deposit can be opened remotely from the amount of 15–20 dollars.

 As you can see, exists enough options to improve your credit history even in case it is strongly spoiled. The main thing here is not to be afraid to make contact with bank and to accurately fulfill obligations of the borrower if you solved them to undertake.
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