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Business idea: manufacture of handmade notepads

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In spite of the fact that digital technologies reached the considerable development, the paper products continue to be in demand. The products made with own hands and having unique design are especially demanded. Sale of hand made of notepads allows to get good profit if it is correct to organize process.

  Presumable expenditure and income manufacture of handmade notepads  

People regularly write something. For this purpose they use the smartphone, a pad, but such technique is not always available to operation because of a discharge or for other reasons. If earlier notepads were used only for study, then this full-fledged means for self-expression now.


the Exclusive notepad with beautiful design - a good gift.

can establish
of the Price of finished products at the level of 700-3000 rub. In the presence of a good flow of orders the profitability will make 20-40 thousand rub a month.

 of Item of expenditure following: 
  1. Registration as the individual entrepreneur - 1000 rub;
  2. Procurement of equipment and all required materials - 50000 rub;
  3. the Organization of advertizing - 9000 rub;
  4. Tax assignments - 4000 rub in month;
  5. Accounting - 5000 rub;
  6. of Costs of transport, communication and the Internet - 1000 rub a month

 Registration of business and a collection of documents 

of the Needlewoman often do without business registration, especially if it not  brings notable income . The legislation requires to do it. Besides need of insurance premiums and tax assignments motivates the person on search of ways for business development.

For registration of SP it is necessary to go to the Tax inspection. It is recommended to select version of the simplified tax system.

includes the Document package:
  • Copy of the passport;
  • Announcement about state registration of SP;
  • the Receipt on payment of fees in the amount of 800 rub

 Location for operation 

is optional to have separate rooms for manufacture of handmade notepads. It is possible to spend all necessary manipulations at home. If business is done through social networks, for example, by Instagram, it is recommended to create houses beautiful scenery. They will play a background role for glamourous pictures of future operations.

of the Idea for creativity can be found anywhere. Skilled skilled workers prefer to leave for this purpose on the nature. If there is a wish to change for a while a situation, it is possible to address in a photographic studio or anti-cafe. There is an opportunity to rent square meters on a certain period. Sometimes it is possible to find profitable options when payment of lease is made on hours.

Equipment procurement will be required to
For full operation by

 the computer which cost is on average equal to 20000 rub. It is necessary for design of the page of a notepad through the Corel Draw and Photoshop programs.

Should be bought:

the printer - 5000 rub;press of 1000 rub;the machine for cutting of sheets - 1500 rub;the sewing machine - 5000 rub;the puncher stitcher - 4.000 rub;an obrezchik of angles - 500 rubnot to do the master and without input materials. It is paper, glue, decorative elements, threads. In addition to the main tools, small-sized devices for the decision of insignificant tasks will be necessary. These are scissors, punchers, needles.

In total on all this will leave 50000 rub

 Search of the supplier 

it is more profitable to buy materials for manufacture of hand-made of notepads through e-commerce shops. It is better to do volume orders, so it will be possible to spare time and money.

In retail stores of own city makes a sense to buy single goods. Cooperation with permanent suppliers will provide with pleasant bonuses and discounts to purchases.


 Assistants in operation 

Considering house business, it is not necessary to employ a large number of people. On the future it is necessary to look for the advertizing expert or the smm-manager. He will be engaged in promotion of business on social networks. For guiding tax and accounting it is enough to employ the single specialist. It is possible to make it remotely.


 business Advertising 

If the needlewoman wants to advertize herself independently, it is necessary for it:
to Create accounts in social network Instagram, VKontakte, Pinterest and to untwist them. The first and last sites are especially important as visual content is prevailing here.to Participate in hometown actions, to install on foregrounds benchs with the products.to Hold bymaster classes in shopping centers, to publish learning videos at different sites in the Internet.to Leave tobusiness cards in public places. To pay special attention to leisure centers.

by the Good method is lease of the shelf in the shop. Such opportunity is given by the coffeeshops, benches trading in gifts. For the small rent they provide the trade place for sale of hendmeyd-products.

 Many skilled workers are not restricted to sale of own goods. They organize training courses for persons interested to independently create notepads. On the gained money it is possible to buy materials, to pay the rent. It is possible and look for opportunities for development, let us assume, to master new techniques in operation.
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