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How to close the credit card in Tinkoff bank – the step-by-step tutorial

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the Basic rule in case of the solution of a question how to close the credit card Tinkoff, – not to hurry. The main complexity is that the bank works only online. It means that you should resolve all issues by phone or through the option "back coupling", communicating every time with other operator.

is Here "reefs" which can complicate further to you life and considerably prolong process of parting with bank. As a result (when you are already completely sure that your debt is repaid) you should lay out once again some amount and to be fidgety fairly at the same time, proving that you "not the fool".

 Some features 

Bank is not interested in that you ceased to be registered among his clients. For this reason all actions are directed to that the card remained the worker even in case of completely repaid debt. Pay attention to credit card validity period – it much more, than in other banks. That is everything is made for convenience of clients.

Especially advanced and competent users willingly use services of bank, using at the same time all possible privileges, applications and sentences. Such clients, as a rule, do not get to "a debt hole" and successfully are calculated with bank. In this case it is about the majority, that is those who want to withdraw competently from the contract and to forget about it forever.

will Talk to the client extremely politely, but at the same time each operator will surely unostentatiously take an interest why you want to close a card. This your right therefore respond what you find necessary.

Second. You will be answered only those questions which you will ask. At the same time, if you take an interest at the end of talk "All this?", you can hear in reply "I answered all questions which you asked me".

Third. Process of account termination will take about slightly more than a month. Rules of operation of bank are that, here it is necessary to wait.
 the Preparatory stage 

Prepare for

<"highslide " href= "https://financentr.com/uploads/posts/2018-07/1532367744_in_article_adce0954f8.webp" target= " _ blank "> by a class= a card, check the amount of debt before bank – it is specified in the SMS message or a private office.

will be Much more convenient to work with bank if you have e-mail. In this case you will be able to monitor actions of bank practically in the online mode. If you specify option for communication Russian Post, it is necessary to wait for the registered mail is long and, in this case, not absolutely rationally. Therefore check

or open a new elektronka – you cannot, ask somebody and surely write the address on paper (at the right time to dictate).
 the Operations procedure 

Be extremely attentive

 in case of talk. If you forget to specify something, are guilty there will be you.

of   the first step – talk to the operator  

you say that you want to repay the debt and to close a card. You ask to call the amount for payment, including all services, that day when you are ready to be calculated. Directly you speak about switch-off of SMS informing and canceling of insurance (if that is available for you). the Amount you ask to call

 down to the penny. If say to you that money can be placed "накругло" via the ATM, and then to transfer balance to your account in other bank, do not give in. It means that you will remain the client of bank and will continue to pay further for services. Also there can be a delay if you do not note that not everything is disconnected and how much in vain you will damage data on yourself and <"https://financentr.com/28-5-sposobov-kak-legko-uluchshit-svoju-kreditnuju-istoriju.html "> it will be heavy to a href= to improve credit history
. The account is closed only if the balance on it 00 rub 00 kopeks

After talk to the operator to you the message with the amount for payment comes. You shall enter it till 21 o'clock that day which was declared (usually clients specify time frame "today" or "tomorrow").

of   the Step of the second – directly payment  

can Place money in the exact amount only two methods – the translation from any card on the website of Tinkoff bank (but here the option is possible that money will not arrive "today) or, having used services of Euroset salon.

Operators of Euroset do not like to accept money with kopeks, in certain cases will begin to persuade you to grant the lump sum without kopeks or via the ATM (and we remember that it – is unprofitable to us). Do not give in, require payment as it is necessary. Have no right to refuse to you.

After payment introduction you receive the SMS message that money is placed. Be not surprised and be not frightened that the specified amount available to you will differ from that that shall be.

of   the Step the third – repeated communication with the operator  

you report that placed money and once again say that you want to close the credit account completely. At this moment the sacramental question "What for?" will sound. Respond quietly, without reacting to arrangements.

Persistently you repeat the request to turn off SMS informing and all other paid services. Perhaps, not once.

the Operator will explain to you that your request will be submitted the special commission. One or three periods of day. During this time you receive SMS confirmation that "your request for agreement cancelation is accepted".
  the Step the fourth  

you call back to

 on phone specified in the message and ask to send on e-mail (or Russian Post) confirmation that you have no debt to bank. The letter comes within several minutes. In it there is a cunning phrase that the client shall hand over to bank all cards of Tinkoff which are available to it. Just in case, specify at the operator what in this case to do to you. The standard response – it is not necessary to send anything, after receiving confirmation on agreement cancelation to cut a card, but not earlier. Once again you specify

that all supplementary services are disconnected. You ask the operator when to you to wait for annunciator about termination of the contract. Period – 30 days.

  the Step the fifth  

you Wait for

 month from the moment of obtaining the last SMS message (plus two more days on contingencies). If the letter did not come to e-mail, call back and ask to send. to

When specifying a method of annunciator by Russian Post, you call back and you specify whether the letter left to your address. There are cases that the client should remind of himself several times.

Received confirmation – cut a card, unpacked paper and saved.

according to reviews

All who faced closing of the credit bank account of Tinkoff persistently recommend to carry on talk to operators by phone and to use e-mail.

If you just repay the amount of debt and will leave "everything as is", after a while you will appear at bank again in debtors as from you will withdraw money for supplementary services.
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