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Sale of shares: advice to investors

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the Equity investing will be profitable only if truly to define the moment when they have to be sold. All know that it is necessary to take shares at the time of falling of the price of them, and to sell, on the contrary, during their growth. But in advance the directions of the change in price are never unknown, and to hope only for success in this question extremely unreasonably. Therefore it is useful to adopt a row of basic rules how to sell shares it is correct.

 1.  panic moods Cannot move, selling shares in case of the first minor changes of their cost towards lowering. It is necessary to watch permanently behind a situation in securities market. It will allow to understand better how long will be falling of cost of your shares.

 2 . The cost of some shares can grow in the price for a long time, but at some point fail suddenly. It is extremely difficult to foresee similar as it is required to consider a set of factors, but even it does not give the guarantee from force majeur circumstances. Therefore not a rarity when investors go to bed wealthy people, and wake up already actually poor.

 3 . It is fully necessary to define for itself the purposes and level of schedulable income. Depending on a kind of activity of the company whose shares were acquired, it is possible to plan time optimum for their sale. The specifics of economic activity of these companies allow to do it.

 4 . In case of the equity investing it is necessary to be ready that process of growth of their cost can be very continuous. For obtaining the maximum advantage it is desirable to constrain desires to sell shares for satisfaction of momentary needs. It is better to wait a little that the efficiency from capital investments in the share was the greatest.

 5 . Sometimes it is necessary to sell shares because of falling of their cost. It is besides important to analyze a situation in the market permanently to understand when takes place to be short-time recession of the prices with the subsequent correction and when - their long falling. In the latter case it is desirable to sell the cheapening shares for fixation of losses as soon as possible.

 6 . To secure itself against purchase or sale of shares at the price above or below wishing, it is recommended to set limits. This instruction on purchase or sale at the prices which will respond opportunities and waitings of the investor.

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