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As well as where to refinance a microloan with delays

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 Microfinance institutions (IFIs) issue the credits to citizens under a high interest rate. There are situations when the person cannot make the next payment in due time. I will jam turns into category delayed, and accrue additional interest on it. They accrue, and it becomes difficult to be selected from a debt hole. One of candidate solutions of this problem is refinancing of microloans with delays. At the same time the person obtains the new credit, but with a smaller interest rate and at other creditor.

 Refinancing of microloans with delays 

 In case of delay of repayment of the loan is three methods of permission of the arisen situation: 

• prolongation of a microloan;

• refinancing in bank;

• refinancing in other IFI.

 Prolongation  are extensions of a credit period in case of which the rate increases and the commission fee is in addition paid. For prolongation it is necessary to file the written statement to IFI. In it is mute shall be the good reason on which at the moment the borrower cannot honestly fulfill the obligations is specified. It can be dismissal about operations or reduction of the salary.

 Refinancing  is a loaning up in case of which terms of the contract change to the best, and the interest rate decreases. This option is most attractive to a customer of a financial product. it is possible not only to extinguish

by means of the program of loaning up I will jam with payment delay, but also to combine several small-sized credits in one, to prolong a credit period or to reduce the amount of monthly payment. Also services of refinancing can use for overloading removal. It is profitable in a case with car loans as banks lay down the compulsory provision on the all-inclusive automobile insurance, except responsibility (AIAI,ER). The cost of this policy depends on the brand of the vehicle and can reach more than 100 thousand rubles a year.

When the borrower understands that   refinancing of microloans with delays   is possible, there is a question who refinances. A row of large banks, such as Home Credit, VTB 24, OTP Bank and others and also microfinance institutions, for example LLC MKK "Agentstvo po refinansirovaniyu mikrozaymov" is engaged in it.


 of Feature Refinancing of microloans 

Unlike simple crediting, in case of  refinancing money  are not given to the borrower, and go to the score of the financial organization in which the microloan was received. After that the citizen receives from IFI help about absence of debt and gives her to the new creditor.

For output of such help in the financial organizations is charged a board at the rate from 100 to 300 rubles. After providing help the borrower begins to repay the loan according to the new schedule.

 Some debt obligations are not subject to refinancing. Treat them: 

 credit cards ;

 lombard debts ;

 debts to natural persons. 

In case of loaning up the financial institution can demand providing additional guarantees of repayment of the loan. Confirmation of official income, mortgage property, presence of the guarantor belongs to them.

at the same time granting mortgage property (real estate or the vehicle) allows to lower an interest rate and adds chance of the positive decision on loaning up.

Also the guarantor with the income level exceeding monthly loan payment significantly increases refinancing approval probability. This person is responsible on an equal basis with the borrower, and in case of refusal last from execution of the obligations the financial institution has the right to demand from the guarantor of loan repayment.

 Agency on refinancing of microloans with delays 

Among micropayroll companies only one officially is engaged today in refinancing of microloans with delays –  of LLC MKK "Agentstvo po refinansirovaniyu mikrozaymov". 

the Organization performs the activities for three years and has about 60 representations in different regions of Russia. The main office is located in Moscow. It is possible to address to the company personally or having issued the online-application on the official site. At the same time it is necessary to consider that in case of the positive decision on loaning up the signing of the contract happens at direct presence of the borrower, but not through online services.

the Agency suggests to refinance microloans at the rate from 62.4% per annum without pledge. The amount of the issued loan – from 20 to 500 thousand rubles, a credit period – up to 60 months. If the loan amount is from 100 to 200 thousand rubles, then the mandatory requirement is presence of the guarantor. In case of the amount over 300 thousand guarantors there shall be 2. It is possible to attract the borrower's relatives to this role.

 the Demands made by the organization to the potential borrower do not differ from banking: 

• an age of 21 year;

• citizenship of the Russian Federation;

• existence of permanent registration for the territories of the Russian Federation.

LLC MKK "Agentstvo po refinansirovaniyu mikrozaymov" has one compulsory provision: the borrower during action of the obligation to the agency has no right to sign credit contracts without written consent of the creditor.

Besides, if the borrower ceases to fulfill the obligations for cancellation of a loan before the agency, then the company appeals to court for debt collection. After that loan repayment is provided with bailiffs.

 the Order of design and a document package for   of refinancing of a microloan 

 the Operations procedure in case of loaning up in all organizations approximately identical: 

• to select credit institution with optimal conditions;

• to receive help about debt to IFI;

• to submit the application for refinancing of a micro loan with delay;

• to collect a document package;

• to sign the contract with bank;

• to check cancellation of the obligation and the calculated penalties;

• to present to the new creditor help about absence of debt before IFI.

 Council! Before carrying out refinancing it is necessary to notify IFI as prepayment penalties are provided in some contracts.  the Document package for loaning up includes

• passport;

• the second identity document (car driver license, international passport and other);

• help about debt.
the set of papers can differ with
For different financial institutions. Helps about confirmation of income can be in addition requested. The more documents the borrower provides, the probability of the positive decision on loaning up is higher.

In case of origin of delay on micro loans it is not necessary to evade from execution of the obligations at all. It can lead to judicial proceedings and deprivation of property or freedom.
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