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Why people address to IFI?

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  of IFI. Financial servitude or an opportunity to receive fast money? 

Why people address to IFI? For many, microloans – this scourge of a financial and credit policy. They already became the primary reason of hit in a financial hole, however still remain a popular product. But IFI - a method of receiving money quickly and without serious consequences if to return them also at short notice.

  B what benefits of loans consist and whether there are they generally? 

It is finite, the single benefit of taking of microloans – on hands quickly there will be desirable money. More benefits of the credit in IFI are not present. Yes, the credit will be obtained without pieces of paper, but whether there will be it terrible for a purse? Whether this money is so necessary or desire to possess them is big just?

Primary benefit of microloans:

• absence of need for helps;

• money on hands in 5 minutes of the address;

• minimum requirements to the borrower.

Is finite, it is very attractive, however you should not forget that it is necessary to pay twice more for fast money, than was initially taken.


  of the Reason which push people on taking of microloans  

to use microloans – financial illiteracy of people. Citizens who think that having taken the credit in IFI will solve problems – are deeply mistaken. Such I will jam does only worse a financial position at all aggravates life. According to the statistics, 75% of borrowers regretted that they took the credit in IFI, other 18% just quickly finished with it not to load themselves with additional problems, and remaining 7% ceased to pay for a microloan as steel percent on it ultraboundary.


  to close other credits, debts  

When the person has no money to pay the credit, it is got by collectors. Right there is a logical question – why to take the credit if to pay it there is no opportunity? But unless it stopped people? If the collection agencies begin to keep ringing, the borrower  for overlapping of the credit or a mortgage  takes https://financentr.com/12-refinansirovanie-ipoteki-privychnoe-kreditovanie-pod-novym-sousom.html money in IFI for 20-30 days. At the same time very few people think that the microloan is one hundred times more expensive than a simple bank loan. It just putting aside of a problem with the credit for a month that is senseless.


  it is urgent to make purchase  

to Pay a product or service happens sometimes sudden need. For example, if suddenly too it "was impatient" to repair or celebrate an action – that IFI will be an excellent possibility of receiving money. But first of all it speaks about financial illiteracy. People got used to spend nonexistent money for what does not cause at them of urgent need. As a result they need to overpay and spend also so absent reserves and savings.


  For attachments in business  

businessmen – dealers in the markets, owners of small pavilions address For money in IFI generally. They pursue the aim – to fill own current assets when sales go not as it would be desirable. However it not the best decision, because percent on microloans so big (reach 300% a year) that are equivalent to height of Everest.


 it is easier for  to obtain the Loan in IFI, than to take the credit in bank  

If there was any of the reasons which is told above, then the person immediately thinks where to take means. And thoughts go absolutely to other side – "here, it will be required to bring a lot of documentation to bank, and they will be considered still there, and here came with the passport and here – long-awaited money". And here the shocking financial illiteracy is noticeable. People do not wish to think that to take the credit in bank will manage much more economically as the percent on the credit makes from 13% to 25%, though will leave on it more than time.

  to Take the credit not to give  

the Too strong delusion of people that if to take microloans, it is possible not to give them then. However it is a game with fire, and with a flame to which permanently add gasoline as business most likely will come to court.

to Tell that taking of loans in IFI is nonrational – to tell nothing. Simply, deliver on scales how many pluses and minuses will be from it, and decide whether it is worth getting involved about infinity of debts.

the Frightening growth of requests in a year sets thinking and whether loans are so unprofitable, not for nothing so many people address for them?


  there is not enough money to salary  

Welcome, the popular reason which the person is going to solve by means of IFI. Nobody thinks and what it will do next month? Whether just it is simpler to reduce own costs?


  What demand from us IFI?  

Microfinance institutions demand
from citizens the following:

• an age of 18 years to 70.

• existence of a source of income for payment of a debt.

In addition, in case of itself is necessary only the passport. It also attracts illiterate people in the financial plan to borrow money. And IFI it is concrete it and try to obtain due to illiteracy of citizens business and prospers in all plans.

Feeling of ease of receiving money in such organization is formed because of design speed – from 5 minutes to an hour. The fast decision of IFI is caused by need of the borrower to receive the response here and now.


  Loans take:  

1. Citizens from 26 to 31 years, follow them people from 33 to 38 years.

2. Average age of the borrower male – 36 years, the woman – 40 years.

3. The people who are not married are credited in IFI. Their share makes 75%.

4. Up to 70% of borrowers without children.

5. An average profit of the borrower it is equal 20-25 thousand rubles.

 Should telling that IFIs do not replace banks – for each target audience the suitable product. As they say "all kinds of people". The microloan is good only when undertakes for 2-3 days until percent increased up to heaven. 3 days later it is possible to spoil a status and to get about a hole from which not to be selected independently. It is also notorious financial accessibility which is capable to ruin a credit system of the certain person and the country. 
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